What a Sexual Shaman Can Teach Us About the Moment of Orgasm

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I bow in awe to the world of Conscious Sexuality, because it’s a wonderful explorative space with amazing people in it. Every day I dig deeper and deeper, meeting new courageous souls. That’s how I met a true pioneer who has been on this path for decades. Namely Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.

His fascinating story starts in a semi-rural area of the American South; when he moved to San Fransisco after the days of the hippies Kenneth started to embrace his sexuality as a new way for him to transform as a human. He started teaching and studying Erotic Massage as one of the first on the scene; he produced “The Sacred Prostitute” documentary and today is a so-called Sexual Shaman and Crystal Whisperer.

Ray has been studying sexual empowerment and sexual energies for so many years – that’s why he is the perfect guest for my podcast.

This episode is an amazing opportunity for you to listen to the wisdom, expertise and mindblowing insights of a Sexual Shaman. 

In this episode, we go into detail about:

  • Ray’s story of how he became a sexual shaman
  • What is a sexual shaman?
  • How and where do sexuality and shamanism coincide?
  • What does a sexual shaman do?
  • How to connect with our own inner sexual shaman more
  • How Whispered Crystal Eggs work

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