Discovering My Divine Femininity and Saving the World

Hi lovelies,
Today I want to share an article with you that I wrote for my favorite Yoga School, Agama Yoga.
This article tells you the whole naked story about how I literally stumbled into a “pinker way of living” and how I started to blossom in it once I accepted my nature. Click here to open my story “Discovering My Divine Femininity”.

The Dalai Lama said “the world will be saved by the Western woman”. I say, the world will be saved by the Western woman if she finally starts to connect to her feminine part and is willing to embody it.

Discovering my divine femininityA few women are naturals and know intuitively how to connect to their feminine part and their right brain hemisphere – let’s be inspired by them. Some simply avoid this part, the way I used to, by simply not wanting to look at it because it seems somewhat unstable, powerless and weak. As an independent breadwinner have you ever caught yourself suppressing your feminine values in order to succeed? I definitely have, in the past wearing manly clothes at work, changing my language and not valuing my unique feminine perspective. The values we have in the West are mainly ‘man-made’, masculine and connected to our left brain hemisphere. That’s why women tend to forget to dig deeper into the feminine side – the world of creativity and softness, vulnerability and healing, receptivity and empathy, the world of the feminine dance. Well, I am sure you know what I am talking about. Aspects which we generally think don’t help us to succeed in a culture of masculine values, where determination, power and focus are the dominant values.

Some people may call me a feminist….But we need more effort to promote basic human values – human compassion, human affection. And in that respect, females have more sensitivity for others’ pain and suffering.

-Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama is right – women do have more sensitivity once they are connected with their natural feminine source. The moment I understood what it meant for me to be feminine, I realized how wrong my judgments towards this part in me had been. I realized it’s actually the most empowering and strongest part in us women, one that is worth giving back to the world. To maybe even save the world through compassion and affection. The world definitely needs women who are strong and can demonstrate empathy at the same time. Let’s embody what is already there!

Love to you,
Mariah xx

Picture by: SFWheelchair, Wikimedia Commons.