The 8 Female Orgasms: #2 The secret mysteries of the pussy’s entrance

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Once upon a time we discussed the famous popstar of all orgasms – the clitoral orgasm. Today I want to point out an orgasm which is not very popular (but wait, most definitely important to mention) – the vaginal entrance orgasm.

When the hymen gets penetrated for the first time (note: not everyone has a hymen), pain and blood can appear. Ta da, our virginity is taken! Many young women have this pain for a longer period of time until the hymen fully disappears and stretches out. Then the vaginal entrance has grown into adolescence. From this fear of being penetrated (that young women have) we acquire the desire to be penetrated. I see it like a bud turning into a blossoming flower, wanting the bee to be attracted (I know it’s a boring example).


The entrance is the gateway to divine femininity

From a mythological standpoint the entrance of the pussy symbolizes something mystical. In the ancient traditions they worshipped its almost magnetic attraction. They stared at it in order to understand the mysteries. They decorated it with flowers, pouring milk and other ritualistic ingredients over it… it’s one of the most fertile symbols that exist on earth, bearing life and abundance.
Nowadays, it’s almost demystified, through the influence of the porn industry. More and more vulvas look the same. The beauty idea for the “perfect vulva” is the reason why many women undertake cosmetic surgery. The individuality of the pussy flower is slowly turning into a mass-industry object.
The last time I wrote: Everyone is different when it comes to feeling certain pleasure zones. Some might be totally bored by a stimulation of the entrance and others might fly to the moon. But we can all look at it as a beautiful symbol of femininity.

Quick Facts

  • The entrance of the vagina, like the clitoris, contains many nerves. This is the reason why some women have an orgasmic sensitivity there.
  • In folklore there exists a myth around the so called “Vagina dentate”- woman’s vaginal entrance containing teeth, which is associated with the implication that sexual intercourse might result in injury or even castration. (Ugh!)
  • The vaginal entrance orgasm might be after the clitoral the most common of the orgasms (but not at all recognized), often it’s a combined stimulus coming from the clit and the entrance.


Vagina is only one part of me. It is where the soul lives and can only be penetrated after permission from the Vulva. – June Kaewsith

vulva-anatomyThe vaginal entrance is part of the vulva (which contains the Mons pubis or the hill of the Venus, the labia minora and labia majora, the clitoris, the urethral opening, the hymen, the posterior fourchet, the perineum and the vulval vestibule or the vaginal entrance). None of the other physical pleasure zones has as many nerves as the clitoris, the vaginal entrance comes second here.
It is interesting to look at the point when the hymen gets penetrated for the first time and then grows into a fully open pussy flower. I wonder if women could make peace with their often painful (yes, sometimes even traumatizing) experiences at the beginning of their sex lives, they’d eventually develop a harmonious relationship with the entrance to their pussy. For more sensation and less numbness.

So where is it?

It’s the whole entrance area where the border to the inner part of the vagina starts. It includes also the labia, partially. Especially the lower half of the entrance towards the pelvis (around the posterior fourchet), which feels (at least for me) the most sensitive.

My experience

What a knocking elephant it is…

It feels like a very strong elephant knocking on my gateway. And when I am ready I relax into this knocking, that turns into a pulsating volcano eruption, moving up my spine. It’s the pressure of another body pressing against my pussy’s entrance…or the point just before penetration, and when I am ready for diving into this sensation I come. It’s a long exhale. It’s a heavy warm sensation wanting to express itself.

Best orgasm to connect to your animalistic earthy side

For me it is something very earthy and vital. It’s an orgasm to connect to the tribal woman in us that wants to walk barefoot on the ground jumping up and down. It sometimes seems very similar to the clitoral orgasm, where it tends to be explosive, but from (I find) another source.

What others say or do


Science claims that the most nerves are around the clitoris and the vaginal entrance. But they haven’t recognized the vaginal entrance orgasm yet.


In the tantric communities, this orgasm is recognized but not highly valued. As they claim it has the tendency to take the energy outward. The ancient teaching transforms those orgasms into root chakra orgasms. Which are to my understanding, a more energetic and subtle experience. And most definitely connected to our inner vitality and groundedness.


I think the powers of the entrance of a pussy are underestimated in the sex world. The more we explore and understand our physiology and psychological associations, the more we can transform sensations into orgasmic pleasure. Without pushing or wanting to reach the goal, just letting it happen through surrender.

I encourage you to find out more about the mysteries of the vaginal entrance. Massage it, press it. Let your partner press his whole palm against your entrance, let him stay for 10-15 seconds and let him slowly, slowly take off his hands (repeat, it feels soo good). As if you are glued together, united, and then slowly taking apart this magnetic sensation.

Also, feel free to find out more about the vaginal massage and how to heal sexual wounds with it.

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