What a Vagina Needs & How To Get It


Frankly, in my opinion, your vulva, or your penis doesn’t need the mentalized concept of love only.
I found that visualizing love in the form of white light and sending it down to my genitals isn’t really enough. Or just saying: “I love my vulva. I love my penis as it is.”

I mean people say “mind over matter” but I realised when I was doing only that, I was avoiding the very desire that my vulva was screaming so loudly at me: “Touch me, massage me, take care of me, and common girl, make love to me and then just listen”.

It’s so easy to rely on the concept of receiving love. For example, like in the form of a compliment or a conscious loving touch from our lover. It can feel nice, it can feel very healing, for the moment.
Haha, but does this kind of ’love’ really last for the long run? I mean does it last in those times when I don’t have anyone else to hold me? I don’t think so.

I think every single one of us, you and me, need to train like freaking zen monks for resilient, hands on self-love. Love that lasts. Love that touches deeply.

And with hands on, I mean hands on.

Loving self-touch. Touching ourselves from bottom to top. Slowly. Gracefully. With respect and care.

And then listen.

Going deep inside and listen.

This week I have an interview for you, this time I am the guest in Coco Berlin’s youtube channel, and I am sharing with you “What a Vagina Needs & How To Get It.” Check it out!