Yoni Egg – A Power Tool For Pussy Mastery



You may have seen Regina Hall talking about her Yoni egg with Conan O’Brien lately – while she was wearing hers right in the same moment. She explains how it works and its benefits.

Or you may have seen videos of women doing weight lifting with their vagina. Sounds unbelievable, right? But it’s true and it’s a powerful way to train not only the Yoni, but also the areas around it.

So how does this true power tool for pussy mastery work? Where should you start? What do you need to know before you start? And why are more and more women starting this ancient practice? Let’s get into that! It changed my life. Honestly! And I believe all women should have access to this knowledge.

Where Does It Come From?

The Yoni egg practice claims its roots in ancient China. It was known as a very powerful tool at that time and was kept secret. Only queens and their concubines knew about it. As it made women who worked with it very powerful, the Yoni egg was not meant for common people. They mainly used jade eggs, because of its amazing healing purposes.

What makes Yoni eggs the best tool to work with for women?

  • The Yoni egg helps to heal energetic blockages and awakens sexual energy.
  • It balances the mind, body and soul.
  • It enhances sensitivity.
  • It is an awesome tool to use to work on certain conditions (e.g. helping with incontinence or cysts, balancing hormones, transitioning smoothly into menopause, just to mention a few).
  • It obviously is the tool to heal sexual traumas, but it can also help with working on other traumas such as depression or diminishing of sexual energies.
  • As sexuality is a topic our society does not talk freely and lovingly about, working with a Yoni egg helps with getting in touch with your own sexuality and discovering this part of your body in much more depth.
  • Talking about sex, a Yoni egg also opens the door to an orgasmic evolution.

Where Should You Start?

I want to share with you one my podcast episode that I had with Sofia Sundari. She’s my dear friend and shares her deep tantric knowledge with us on this episode. She’s a blogger and Tantra teacher and teaches women around the world how to practice with the Jade Egg. In this episode, she explains how to start and how to be able to include this our daily life of modern, western women. There are many different exercises and things you can try with your egg, but first of all, we need to talk about how to choose the right egg for you.

How to choose the right egg?

There are many different sized Yoni eggs to choose from. It is always recommended to use a bigger size in the beginning, as you will feel it more easily and are more likely to get the hang of how to hold it with your vaginal muscles. After some time it’s a good idea to work with a smaller egg. The smaller the egg, the more skills, and muscles it takes to work with it. But you can always stick with the one egg your whole life if you want.

If you want to go with a traditional Jade Egg you need to know that there are different qualities of Jade, graded into high, medium and low. Only jadeite and nephrite jade are considered authentic jade.

Sofia shares some techniques and practices you can do to start with your Yoni egg practice. She also reveals how to take care of your egg and her experience with it. Take some time for yourself and enjoy this podcast.

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Mariah: Welcome everyone to this Orgasmic Discourses podcast for today, I’m really grateful that you’re listening and this is Maria Freya. And today we have a really intriguing topic, I think. We actually talk about a true power tool for pussy mastery, because we all want to strengthen our powerhouse, don’t we? So it’s about Jade Egg.

What? Jade Egg? Okay. Maybe I have to explain myself a little bit, yes. Yes, it is made out of stone. It looks like an egg and it changed my life for sure. And I believed all women should have one and should know and have access to the knowledge and how to use a Jade egg.

So the stone egg practice that comes from ancient China. It was really long hidden from normal folks like us. It was usually meant to be for Queens, conqueresses and other royal women in China. And until it leaked through and made the way to the West which is great. And I actually have today in this show also Sofia Sundari, which I am really excited about. She is the blogger of mysticalfemininity.com and also tantra teacher and I think she has great knowledge on how to use the Jade Egg.

So welcome, Sofia.

Sofia: Hello, hello Mariah.

Mariah: Yeah, awesome that you’re here and joining me on this really interesting topic today for the Power Tool for Pussy Mastery, the Jade Egg. And you’re actually giving workshops on how to master your pussy with your jade egg in your Jade Egg 1 and Jade Egg 2 workshops? So, especially that’s why I asked you to join the discourse with me and maybe you can share some really good stuff with us here today.

Sofia: Sure I have a lot to share with you. In practice, one of my favorite feminine practices it’s really powerful like results can be really, really obvious like after a few times of practice. Like sometimes, I have women who have never done anything like this, they purchased the Jade Egg and they come to my workshop. And then like after a day, sometimes like I gave the whole day like the Jade Egg Day 1 & the Jade Egg Day 2 like all in one day and sometimes I get feedback that one woman said, “I’ve never in my life spent so much time thinking about my pussy.”

Mariah: Awesome! That’s the best thing that can happen to you, I think and cool. So when you discovered the treasures of them, you actually call them Yoni Egg which is the more sacred way of calling the Jade egg. Yoni also means “Temple”, so it’s the egg for your pussy temple. You could call it.

And so, yes tell us about your experience with the Jade Egg.

Sofia: Well, I guess the first time when I encountered this “Yoni Egg” thing I was like, “An egg for my pussy. Okay, let’s try that.” And I tried, and I just got curious. And I don’t know anything about it. I don’t know exactly what to do with it, I just heard that it is supposed to be good for strengthening my “Yoni” and just tried and I was just carrying it around sometimes doing some Keggle exercises. A couple of squeezes here and there, basically I don’t really know what much to do with it. One thing that I was doing was I was sleeping with it putting it before I go to bed at night.
So yeah, I didn’t do it all that much but I was kind of enjoying it was kind of giving me interesting sensations and I was always trying to be more & more orgasmic so this was one of the tools and then slowly I began to gather more and more information from different sources from Tantra, from Darwinism, from some Western teachers and slowly I generated quite a solid practice. So sometimes I would go for like practicing daily for months and months. Sometimes it’s less, but I go through phases of doing quite a lot of intense practice with it.

So, once I started well even though when I did just kind of carrying it around and seeing what it does to me, it was already pleasant and interesting to me. It was already bringing along new sensations then when the first time like it did really an intense practice just by myself because I already have quite a few information about it, quite a few different things I knew what to do. I didn’t like, maybe about an hour or two hours like maybe an hour and just because in the beginning it was a good thing to start with. I kind of think I took it easy and it took me an hour, an hour and a half doing this practice and then my lover came and we had sex and he was like, “Oh, my God. What happened to you?” He didn’t know what exactly changed but he could feel it that something definitely did change and I don’t know the energy, the way I could move my energy, the way energy felt in my vagina.

So it was kind of obvious you know, of course he has some energy to govern us, I don’t know. Maybe a guy who has no idea about it he won’t feel anything. But maybe he would because it was really, really obvious for him after the first work out.

Mariah: It sounds really, really good. Just maybe to give our listeners a little bit of knowledge. So the Jade Egg is literally as I’ve said before, is a stone egg. It’s made out of Jade which is quite a beautiful healing stone also when it comes to fertility. But maybe we can talk about it later also a little bit more. And probably everyone heard about Keggle exercises and squeezing your PC muscle and squeezing your vaginal muscle & keeping them healthy and strong. But the difference is you do those muscle trainings with the egg inserted inside your pussy that means which is a really, really great thing you have feedback. So inside your vagina there is something you could grab and that gives you a certain stability and kind of like your focus goes there and it’s easier to use your muscles when having something to hold. Like in weight lifting it’s really hard to flex a muscle or to build up your muscle without having the weight for it right.

And the beautiful thing is you kind of grab it and you can do so much with it. And we will go to that later as well. It’s just for now having this basic knowledge that you’ll grab the egg and you move it up and down like the most basic movement and as Sofia just shared, later on you’ve realized how much power you have when you have sex and how much, how strong you can grab a penis. How amazing is that?

Sofia: Your man will be grateful.

Mariah: Folr sure. Anyway, it is a sacred practice though. It’s not just mechanically in the fitness studio doing your weight lifitng, no. It’s something maybe Sofia you can tell us something about that aspect.

Sofia: It’s basically – there are lots of muscles in the vagina and muscles that we are not aware of most of the time. There are actually quite a few groups of muscles and very different many ways to squeeze them and work them out. And on the physiological level it actually definitely have much effects and noticeable effects. Like, it even helps to tone the lower abdomen to strengthen the pelvic and the diaphragms. It’s actually our pelvic floor is the floor for all of our vital organs because of this base at the bottom. So really everything benefits on the physical level the effects like as you’re saying Mariah that you can squeeze the penis or whatever is inside you with completely different strengths, with completely different force. So, definitely strong muscles that would prevent different many diseases, like if you suffer from any kind of issues like UTI, or candida or any other type of problems of the vaginal area or lower belly area. This practice will definitely help just on the physical level.

And of course it will help to gain control over the perineum, over all these groups of pelvic muscles. Then besides that, it will definitely increase the perception of the vagina because very often women just don’t perceive their vagina because it’s like we just live from just upwards so the lower half is completely out of reach because it’s kind of not socially acceptable. It has been at least for a long, long time. So many, many people not only women but women especially have this disconnect from the lower half and this is the first cause of lack of orgasm.

So if people are struggling with it, so the first thing to do is to increase in perception and the Yoni Egg is one of the most amazing tools for that. So this will definitely lead people who practice to be orgasmic first then a lot more orgasmic. So, even kind of the words building this multi-orgasm and all these kind of amazing forms of orgasm that I know Mariah you’ve been blogging about.

Then you can help your partner, not to just give him pleasure, we already mentioned that of course. Like if your vagina is very toned and flexible, of course he will feel it. But also you can help him with the ejaculation control like the average length of lovemaking is 6 minutes I think or something.

Mariah: Around that, yeah.

Sofia: Something like that. So, most men ejaculate very quickly, but if a woman has a very trained vagina, if a woman has a really great perception of her energy and control of her energy and her vagina, she can help him with the ejaculation control and there are some tricks what exactly to do, how exactly to squeeze your muscles when at which point of lovemaking.

Mariah: I would love to hear about this technique later or maybe you can do it now, I don’t know.

Sofia: Well, I would mention just a couple of more benefit then I would go into what interest you the most.

Another thing is that our lower belly will have a load of emotions that are stuck there, a lot of stagnant sexual energy which holds our old emotions, our under stressed emotions, so by working, with this work, we would be moving this energy and we would be harmonizing the emotions. We will be purifying the emotions actually so not only on the physical level and energetic but even on the emotional level, things might be different.

Then some other great results that are really – they don’t take long to notice is PMS, the pre-menstrual syndrome will be reduced significantly. And menstrual cramps, like I don’t think I have had menstrual cramps, ever since I started working with the Jade Egg. Before I have quite severe ones, but ever since I haven’t. And even like symptoms like breast discomforts and this PMS symptoms.
Even for menopausal women, often times menopausal women approach me and asked me, “What are the best things to do for vaginal lubrication, for balancing my hormones?” Well, Jade Egg is the answer. It’s really like vaginal lubrication increases within minutes basically and hormonal balancing can happen after practicing with it.

Mariah: Would you say that even with menopausal symptoms often their libido decreases? Would you say that improves as well?

Sofia: Yes, totally. With vaginal lubrication or just bringing energies to the lower center, harmonizing energies in the lower half, yes of course. Sometimes women like in their 50’s after menopause, they start doing all these practices. They start dancing, they start working with the Jade Egg. Then I hear back from some participants of my workshops and they tell me, “Oh, you know actually I’m more sexual now than ever.”

Mariah: Oh, great.

Sofia: After 50 some people say sexual life…

Mariah: Ladies, listen to this woman.

Sofia: And then another really delicate subject here, for woman who have any traumatic experience like sexual abuse, this can be a major tool and amazing effects that can actually be gained.

Mariah: This is kind of interesting because it’s huge. There’s so many working on the post-trauma recoveries and I mean of course you can go into therapy and have a little talks and go back to that time when you experienced the trauma and the process it through. But the great thing is with the Jade Egg, I think it’s so practical. It’s do-it-yourself. You can do it at home. You can do it anywhere and at any time, and it just connects immediately. And it is such a healing thing, isn’t it?
Yes, also what’s interesting probably for women, if they’re pregnant, are they allowed to use the Jade Egg or how’s that?

Sofia: Well, here it’s really a lot about feeling what’s right for you. For pregnant women, it’s all about really tuning in how to feel, tuning in what’s right for them. Sometimes like I wouldn’t recommend now if I don’t see a woman and asks me if she wants to – if it’s good for her to work with it, I wouldn’t recommend if I haven’t seen her. Then if we work together, like I can see what the levels of her energy, then sometimes for some women that’s great. Actually, it can be a great preparation for child birth.

Mariah: So you would recommend doing it with a trainer or someone who has knowledge of the Jade Egg?

Sofia: Yes, definitely. First, I would really feel like if it feels right or not and then if it’s not. If the woman is not sure, then I would definitely consult someone first.

Mariah: And of course, interesting also, post birth recovery. So that’s a great tool to really gain strength and just to avoid the flabbiness and the kind of numbness as well that may come with a birth giving as well.

Sofia: Well, to some normally, everyone thinks that after giving birth it takes months and months after a woman want to be sexually again but actually it’s not true. Some women would recover really quickly and within a week or two they are ready to have sex again. And practicing with the Jade Egg could be one of the ways to accelerate this process of recovery and just toning the muscles and coming back in shape.

Mariah: And talking about sex of course and expanding your pleasures with the Jade Egg, I find that the most motivating aspect of it, as well as of course as the healing aspect. But I think it’s probably interesting to look into what kind of different orgasms might be unleashed. Of course we’re training the insides of our pussies so that means more the inside orgasms which of course might be the G-spot orgasm. Do you think it’s possible to even have squirting as well introduced through the Jade Egg? Do you think that might be possible?

Sofia: Yes, I think so. Actually, it’s interesting that some women they think that by practicing with the Jade Egg they’re going to have an orgasm. Recently, I asked a friend who had just started with the Egg and I asked her, “How does it go?” She said, “I don’t know, I didn’t really have an orgasm.” But that’s great admissions. It can happen especially if we start slowly and we start with breast massage and full body massage and relax and we take time like gently like really practice focusing on the pleasure and moving energy. Yes, it actually happened to me a number of times that I did have an orgasm.

I would not expect it to really happen and it’s not really the goal of the practice itself to have an orgasm while you are practicing. But it will definitely do something to the tone of the muscles. It actually builds new nerves when we work with the Jade Egg. It has an effect of building new nerves and therefore it’s a completely different pleasure potentially that comes up.
So I definitely I see that it may open potential for vaginal orgasms for G spot orgasms as well. And as we develop G spot orgasms, squirting isn’t too far away.

Mariah: Interesting. Actually that you just talked about the aspect of having an orgasm while in training with the Jade Egg, I just shared an article on mind orgasm and which is a really a good topic, I think. And I actually had experience, I would call it mind orgasm with a little bit of cheating through the Jade Egg. I was doing a Yoni Asana, a yoga posture where you can sit on your knees and your legs apart from your hips and you have your hand towards the side and I had the Jade Egg inserted. I was kind of focusing on the Jade Egg without moving really or squeezing my muscle but just after I don’t know, 5-10 minutes, I started realizing that my breast was naturally deeper like in a more pleasurable experience and my mind started to realize like something is happening with my body and I would like to focus on that and let it happen. And in my mind it kind of expanded that sensation and just focus really, really strongly inside my pussy and just the focus of that from my mind to the egg was just so powerful that I experienced an orgasm which I normally – it’s really hard for me without any stimulation. It’s really a miracle, I think. But it just shows like it’s quite important to have something inside to help us bring the focus down there and that’s a really, really good. For me it’s a big realization on that level.

Sofia: Actually I have heard years ago about a woman who have a really active mind. Normally it would be Air Signs. I heard this from a Gemini woman who experienced a lot of this type of mind orgasm just having orgasm in your head. Quite beautiful.

Mariah: Beautiful to imagine. If I think about it really strongly, I kind of get a glimpse of it but it’s still theory for me.

Sofia: Amazing what we’re capable of.

Mariah: Definitely, and how diverse we all are. Yes, let’s look shortly into the power of the Jade, the stone itself. Do you a little bit of its healing powers?

Sofia: Yes, this Yoni egg is not always made of Jade. It’s pretty rare to find a real Jade Egg but I highly recommend finding the jade egg made of pure jade. There are not many around the world. There are some in Canada and that’s the eggs I recommend, and they are really beautiful and you really feel how powerful, how potent the stones itself is. And it has a lot of amazing qualities. In China, they call it the ‘semen of dragon’. It is pretty powerful, the yang stone. But at the same time, it has a balancing effect on us.

For example there is a stone named obsidian. It’s like a volcanic stone. It is really dark in color and it actually a bit too strong for the Yoni especially if it’s something you haven’t really worked with other egg and straight away going for it. It might actually be a balanced and even some kind of purification effects can cure like some strange secretions or something like this. So I really recommend going for jade.

It won’t do any harm if you work with some other kind of stones like some random stones that they sell. But you will notice a difference always. Participants in my workshops if they work with other eggs and then I show them my egg like the one that I really like at the moment – I have a few of them but now I’m really working with Canadian Egg. I showed them this one and if they have a little bit of energy awareness they are like, “Wow! I want that! This looks cool.” Just by looking at it because it has this deep dark color and it has beautiful vibrations on the stone itself.

Other eggs are quite good also, nice materials are the rose quartz. But this one, I recommend this to use more like when you really have a high level of purity because it’s a really pure stone.
There are also, one thing I wouldn’t recommend is a wooden egg because they are porous. If they are porous it means it will absorb some of the secretions and they are hard to clean it so I wouldn’t recommend any porous stones.

So the Jade is really a powerful stone. It has great qualities itself. If you read about jades you will find out that it brings happiness, wealth and beautiful effects by itself. But even without going into details, just by feeling it inside, you will notice that it has something. It does something special. It does something balancing. It does something healing to your Yoni.

Mariah: I think also the aspect of fertility is really big in jade as well. People who have trouble with their fertility and cannot get pregnant, that might be an interesting hint here.
So if someone wants to get started. First, we need to find the source where we can get the jade egg and what size should they choose because the common question is, “Maybe I should start with the smaller one,” because they think like, “Well, the smaller one might be kind of easier.” But is it the other way around?

Sofia: Actually depends, smaller or larger, but if you know that your vagina is quite wide and not that toned, then of course it’s better to go for a bit bigger egg. For example, they sell bigger eggs. I’m sure there are sources. But not necessarily, sometimes you may start with just an egg that you like. For example this Canadian Eggs, they just come in one size and often the women start with this because this is available and they like it. It’s important that you have a look at you egg first. If you order online, it might be difficult but if you have a chance to look at it and choose which egg you want, I would recommend looking at the egg and feeling into it and which egg you would like to have inside of you, which egg you would like to establish special connection.
So, I’m not particular about size, it’s more about trying, like seeing which one you would. Trying and if you don’t feel it at all, it’s not a problem also. In the beginning most people really don’t feel about the egg. But if you don’t feel it after a month of practice, regular practice, then yes, perhaps you might want to go for the bigger egg.

Mariah: Okay, and all of them have holes inside of them so you can just put a string through then there’s no worries of a lost egg somewhere in the depths of your beautiful pussy. So that’s really important.

Sofia: So this is something that amuses me, sometimes women asked me, “What if I lose it?” Don’t worry about. You are not going to lose it.

Mariah: It actually really shows that we still haven’t discovered our vaginas properly and sees it as a mystery or something we think just endless ghost inside. I don’t know what they think.

Sofia: Yes, maybe at first it’s better to try with your finger, to try to check out to get to know each other.

Mariah: And it’s true that sometimes there can be certain muscles that are tensing up and it’s not moving forward and backwards which then in this case, just have a string attached which can be easy.

Sofia: Some eggs 9are not drilled so when you’re buying it, check it out. Check if it’s drilled or not. It’s good to have drilled not only for that but also because there are some cool practices that will use the string.

Mariah: Exactly, with the weight lifting, we’ll come to that. But maybe because I’ve read in your blog one article where you have quite some nice exercises to begin with, maybe you can just shortly explain maybe one or two of them.

Sofia: So a great thing to do, before you start is to warm yourself up a little. There are quite a few practices like the things to do like ovarian breathing, there is the inner smile technique. Just my advice is to take time to establish contact with your body. And a really great way to start is to do a breast massage, which there are different ways, different techniques to do it but basically you can just massage your breast in a way that you like and stimulate your nipples and then it will help with your lubrication.

Mariah: True.

Sofia: So once you feel arouse, then a great way to do is take your egg and keep it on your belly for some time, and then you can introduce it to your Yoni and just keeping it just by the entrance of the vagina for a little while, taking time so the egg gets warm. Don’t force the egg straightaway. And then, slowly move towards inserting the egg with the wider end of the egg. The wider end of the egg comes in first, then you want to lay down on your back relaxed and slowly start inserting the egg. A great way to insert is either move the egg in circles in one direction then the other just slowly not forcing it in. You will feel how it will get in suck by itself most of the time.
Then another thing to do is to inhale and squeeze the Yoni as much as you can for a few seconds, then exhale and relax completely. And then there would be this vacuum will be created and your egg, especially on the exhale, your egg will be kind of getting sucked in slowly and slowly.
And then you also you can continue and then once the egg is in you want to inhale and then bring your tailbone up and exhale and bring it down. And then even kind of keep going like this for a few minutes and then you can even inhale and bring the whole pelvis up and exhale and bring the whole thingm down. So this is a way to start.

Mariah: Beautiful. And so there are lots of different positions probably you can go in like lying on the belly as well and even moving your legs like up and down like in a grasshopper position from yoga. I actually tried that and it is quite nice because you feel the egg, the white of it and you can really follow it with your movement and it is quite beautiful. And of course also the typical – I think it’s called horse standing position. It is mostly promoted in the taoist tradition and it’s a practice with the Jade Egg where you kind of stand and you have this almost like face and it looks a little bit like a kind of feminist woman standing in the front of the mirror. But it is quite a power posture I think and great for which would be the next thing I want to talk about, great for weight lifting because as we talked before there’s a string attached. If you have drilled hole, there’s a string attached and you would actually put weight on your egg which of course the most advance practice.

Sofia: I definitely wouldn’t recommend to go straight into this on your first session. First, I would recommend doing all these practices in my article on Jade Egg. I wrote down also a few more practices that you can do laying down, laying on the belly, sitting, doing Keggle practices with the egg like squeezing, inhaling and exhaling, pushing out and trying to differentiate different muscles in the vagina and squeezing them one at a time.

Mariah: But even in daily life, like you said in the beginning like sleeping with it.

Sofia: Yeah, certainly if you want to carry it. Yeah, totally. When you sleep there will be involuntary contraction of the muscles and just carrying it around during the day, taking it with you to the office, going to dance class with it. All these are great.
And there is standing and this is the Horse Stance as they call it. The stance that you would have if you are sitting on the horse, it’s like you have your arms in front of you, your knees are bend like the shoulder apart. But before that, you want to prepare the egg. You want to string the egg and there are few ways to string the egg and this would be very difficult to explain.

Sofia: Yeah, no worries. That’s fine.

Mariah: And demonstrate it. I’m thinking to take pictures and then to write an article about it. But you can even string it just in the normal way, just thread it through and have the string. And then kind of have the string quite long and you can use a dental floss for that, un-minted preferably of course.

Mariah: That could be burning, oh my god.

Sofia: So stringing the egg and then the other end would be attached to something like normally I would use like a little water bottle and sometimes the bottle has this little hook on top so you can string it like the other end of the string, you can attach to the water bottle. Then, insert the egg in your vagina and start squeezing the muscles and then you will see that hopefully the bottle will be rising up. If you cannot raise it, then maybe have less weight inside the bottle and then try again and raising the bottle, lifting the bottle which happens by just squeezing the vagina and then relaxing completely. Relaxation is really important actually. It’s really something I want to emphasize because if you don’t, then you don’t do anything good for your vagina as well because then your muscles will just be stressed and you would have an opposite effect of what you want to achieve.

Mariah: Balance is always, definitely. One thing I want to put in because I think it’s really inspiring, there is actually a lady who holds the world record, Guinness world records of vaginal weight lifting, yes it truly exists. And she holds it for 31 pounds. Her name was Tatyana Kozhevnikova and she is a 42 years old woman and it’s incredible, 31 pounds. She’s weight lifting with her own vagina. Just for your motivation. But don’t try that in the beginning.

Sofia: Yes, start it slowly. Start with an empty bottle then you can add a bit of water and then a bit more and more and try in such a way. And then you can show tricks to your boyfriend or girlfriends. It’s quite spectacular actually. Then you can only just lift and put the bottle back on the floor. But you can also move it in circles. But in circles there is a thing there, you do not want to move your hips. Try that, moving the bottle, making the bottle move in circles with your hips still. This is quite advance but it’s a lot of fun.

Mariah: Awesome! I can totally imagine you girls, like standing in the circle in your workshop doing all those fun stuff with the bottle hanging there. Great! Awesome, I love it.
And one more thing, in the beginning you might not want to keep the jade egg for too long inside of your pussy, right?

Sofia: Well, the whole night it’s not a problem, as long as it’s just the night where you take it out when you wake up because you’re not really being active. So it’s like you’re not going to get too much out of it if you just put it in before you go to sleep, honestly but it is still a nice way to introduce yourself to this practice.

And then once you start really exercising with it, doing really active practices, in the beginning, no longer than one hour. That would be plenty and you don’t want to do it that much because you don’t want your muscles to be overworked. And then with time as you feel more comfortable and more confident, then you can increase slowly but still keep it reasonable. Don’t keep it in all day long.

Also there are some really negative effects that can happen if you forget your egg completely. That can happen something really unpleasant and really heart breaking which is called ‘losing the egg’ like when you go to pee or you go to the bathroom. This is such a heart break. This happened to me a couple of times and it’s such a heart break. Don’t panic if it happens and you can sterilize the egg again and it will be fine. But still energy wise, it’s like, “No, No, No.”

Mariah: Yes, of course.

Sofia: So after that, I would even recommend to re-charge your egg maybe put it under full moon or under the full sun. Give it a salt bath.

Mariah: It leads actually to my next question. What is the best way to take care of your Yoni egg?

Sofia: Well, yes you want to really make sure that you wash it really well especially I recommend washing with hot water like you boil water and then you pour it on top of your egg. Or first you pour the water in a cup and put your egg inside. It doesn’t matter. I won’t recommend boiling the egg too much because it might destroy its energy.

Mariah: This probably as well soap may not be that great.

Sofia: I wouldn’t recommend using the soap. Another thing you could do is to put your egg in peroxide solution like for an hour or something or half an hour and this would be a pretty good way to sterilize it. You can add also – if you put in your egg in hot water, you can add a drop of tea tree oil or lavender oil. They have this sterilizing effect as well.

Mariah: Just want to make sure that it’s hygienic and they’re no bacterias inside that may harm your beautiful vagina. And what I like as well is really keeping it at a sacred space that you kind of transfigured the egg and see the egg as something special.
And if you have something like a little temple or a little altar space where you can keep it, I think would be a beautiful thing to do.

Sofia: Yes, that is really nice. And don’t keep with your toothbrush or something. Keep it in some special space.

Mariah: I mean it’s really an ancient Queen-like practice and I think we should feel like that. Treating it like a special practice, I think is the right mind set and also of course, with a lots of awareness and patience towards ourselves.

And so, what I find really great that you are actually offering this kind of workshops, I think it’s so needed in this world and I might consider doing it at some point as well once I’m a bit more advanced in that practice. I’m still a bit a beginner and I have to say I bought myself – firstly I bought a crystal egg and I didn’t practice at all with it. I think that it just didn’t have the right wipe or something and then I told myself, “I’m now getting a proper Jade Egg,” and I bought one and it lasted for a bit of practice then my discipline went down again unfortunately.

Sofia: Yes, it’s important to get motivated.

Mariah: I actually got re-inspired by Kim Anami. She’s really great. She doesn’t herself a Sex coach but she is really an inspiring sexy soul and she offers online courses called Vaginal Kung-Fu which I think is a great name. I wish I came up with something like that. But she literally tells people in her, I don’t know, one month online course how to train their pussies to a greater and a more vital life and I think the Jade Egg plays a big part in her practice in what she teaches. I got really inspired by her video which is quite cool. I can post it on my website later. But you’ll be offering a workshop as well and very soon and in the future in Goa, right?

Sofia: Yes, I’m doing a retreat for women.

Mariah: Beautiful.

Sofia: It will go on for 3 weeks. But there will be also options to attend just one or two weeks. So basically it will be a space, we’ll have amazing Shakti space for a lot of feminine practices. It is basically how I call it, the sacred family immersion, just really immersing into everything that makes us feel more alive, that makes us feel more feminine, that makes us feel more radiant and more ourselves in the feminine way.

And the Jade Egg practice will be a big part of our practices, we will be practicing like a few times a week for sure. And we will be performing a ritual, a special ritual for the Jade Egg and we will be going from really beginners practice for people who have never heard, never tried working with the Jade Egg and slowly we will be building up the intensity and going towards more advanced practices and trying different variations, combinations. I will show some dance movements that are great for that. It will become our practice and participants will really see how it works in practice, how it works for really when you do it regularly. You don’t have excuses because you will be doing it as a group. We will definitely do a lot of that in that retreat.

Mariah: That sounds beautiful. I think every woman should be part of this. It’s so needed.

Sofia: That’s what I think.

Mariah: It’s really, really needed indeed. Amazing. Thank you so much, Sofia for sharing your really precious knowledge on the Jade Egg practice. If you want to learn more about it, hop on Sofia’s page on mysticalfemininity.com, right?

And I think you have some really precious article on this. And also of course. check out my blog as well, orgasmicdiscourses.com. You will find all the links mentioned in this show there and also some extra bits of information on the Jade Egg practice. So, you want to say anything?

Sofia: Thank you so much, Mariah. It’s always great to talk to you.

Mariah: Yeah, awesome, thanks for participating and thanks as well to you guys, my beautiful listeners I’m sure you could learn something today.

Sofia: It’s quite esoteric thing, I feel. It’s still quite an esoteric thing but maybe in the future it will be like everyone will do it. They would carry their eggs in their office and they would cook together having their eggs inside. I can see a whole world where women are holding their eggs, anyway.

Sofia: I’d love that.
Maria: Me too. So I wish you a wonderful day and see you soon in one of my shows. Bye.

Sofia: Bye.

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